Renderings of Witches Through Varius Artists
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.An Assembly of Witches by Frans Francken

All art on this page courtesy of Best Witches
Unless otherwise noted.

Preparing For the Witches Sabbat by Hans Baldung Gaien
Three Witches by Hans Baldung Gaien
Departing For the Sabbat by Hans Baldung Gaien
Examination of a Witch by T. H. Matteson
one of the ways to tell if a 'witch' had a compact with the devil was to look for the 'devil's mark'. a mole or wart or birthmark would suffice.
Trial Of George Jacobs, 1692 by T. H. Matteson
one of the people accused of being a 'witch' at the Salem Trials. he is the only one who was killed by the method of squashation.
from the german edition of De Prestigiis Daemonum, 1586
Burning a Witch in Schiltach, 1533
The Incantation by Francisco de Goya
note the babies in the baskit on the right.

Johnathon Earl Bowser